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Welcome to best investment site on the net. We have been picking the best stock picks since 1999. We do research on over three thousand stocks each night to find the ones that are over sold and ready for a quick advancement to the upside.

Our top stock picks usually advance in two weeks making us one of the best source for investments in the current stock market. All are oversold and showing signs of being ready to make a bounce off the bottom and advance to the upside. We find the once that meet our criteria and only then do we make our selection. We then post the pick on our web site. You will receive a user name and password when you sign up. You will use these to gain access to our site any time of the day from any computer. There, you will have access to both A1 Stock Picks and Affordable Stock. We will give you the ticker symbol of the stock, a buy price, a sell price and the stop loss. It's easy to know exactly what you are doing and what you are buying and why.

Check out our history and see why our stock picks are the best. We show every stock pick we have ever made. We post the winners and the losers. We hide nothing! Some sites only show you the winners, not the one that lost money. We show every pick from every month since we have been in business. We have been in business for over 15 years. You don't stay in business for that long unless you are doing something right. And what we are doing is supplying excellent stock picks to our customers along with excellent customer service.

The cost for our service is only $19.95 per month. We hold you to no contracts and you may cancel at anytime by simply sending an e-mail. We know you will like our service since we strive to make money for you by supplying only best stock picks. Some sites make you pay for the full years up front. Good luck trying to get your money back if you wish to cancel. We bill by the month so you can cancel any time you wish. Say you were going on vacation for a month and didn't have time to trade. You can cancel that month and then resume your subscription when you return. No one else lets you do that.

We will show you the best stocks to buy. We never buy a stock before you do and we always have our customers best interest in mind. We want you to succeed and make gains right along beside us. You buying the stock at the same time we do will not keep us from making money. The volume on the stocks we pick is high enough that we don't even make a difference. So there isn't any chance that we can affect the market. We deal in only the best performing stocks.

Our customer service and commitment to you is why we retain our customers and they are satisfied customers. We pride ourselves in supplying the best stocks to buy and the best stocks to invest in. We answer every e-mail we receive usually within a4 hour response time. We are always here to help you find the best stocks to buy today. We know which stocks to watch and when to pick them.

We are not like those sites that offer free stock picks. They are only promoting stocks and are paid for pumping stock picks. The stock picking strategies are usually promoted as a "hot tip" or "the next big thing" with details of an upcoming news announcement that will "send the stock through the roof". The details of each individual pump and dump scam tend to be different but the scheme always boils down to a basic principal: shifting supply and demand. Pump and dump scams tend to only work on small and micro-cap stocks that are traded over the counter. These companies tend to be highly illiquid and can have sharp price movements when volume increases. The group behind the scam increase the demand and trading volume in the stock and this new inflow of investors leads to a sharp rise in its price. Once the price rise has formulated, the group will sell their position to make a large short-term gain. We will never accept payment to promote a stock. We invest in the picks the same time our customers do. We are not a pump and dump company. W show you only the good stocks to buy.


Come check us out and see why we are the best stock picking service offering the best stock market tips. You'll be glad you let us show you how to buy stock and making money while doing it!

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